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All info about raiding and loot is in Announcments blank.

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PostSubject: ICC RAID TACTICS!!!   Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:57 am

All info taked form and


1.Lord Marrowgar

Video link 10 man
Video link 25 man

Being the first boss of a new raid, Marrowgar is not an overly complicated fight. This fight requires 2 (25-player: 3) tanks, so that the Bone Slice's cleave damage can be properly distributed among the tanks (like Nalorakk or Koralon the Flame Watcher). He will also target a random player with his Coldflame ability - preferring people at range. Only if everybody is inside his hitbox will the tanks be targeted. This projectile spreads a line of fire in its path which will inflict a decent amount of damage per second to anyone caught in it - simply taking a few steps aside is enough to avoid it.

Throughout the fight Marrowgar will cast Bone Spike Graveyard, choosing one player (25-player: 3) to impale on a bone spike. The player(s) will suffer physical damage, become incapacitated, and lose 10% health for every second they remain impaled. The DPS should kill the spikes as soon as possible.

The last thing to watch out for is the Bone Storm. This spell is similar to Stormcaller Brundir's Lightning Tendrils, only it deals physical damage. Marrowgar will start a whirlwind, and practically charge random players (he moves very quickly), stay at their location for a few seconds (while in whirlwind), then switch targets. The Bone Storm doesn't do a whole lot of damage, especially if you wear mail or plate - get out of it, but don't panic, it's not that deadly. It is also worth noting that the Bone Storm's damage is based on proximity - players close to Marrowgar will take the full damage of the spell, while players who are further out will take significantly less damage. Another trick to mitigate this spell's damage is to move constantly. Since Marrowgar will charge a player's location, not the player himself, always moving will allow the target to put some distance between the boss and itself. Marrowgar will charge total of 3 times during each Bone Storm.

2.Lady Deathwhisper

Video link 10 man
Video link 25 man

The key element of the fight is management of DPS, that will need to be split between the adds in phase 1, and focused on DPSing Deathwhisper to deplete her mana shield.

During phase 1, Lady Deathwhisper will have a mana shield that will absorb all the damage done to her. She will attack the raid with Death and Decay and Shadow Bolts - none of which should be too dangerous. On 25-player difficulty she will also mind control a random raid member for a short amount of time - CC them and move on. The second component of this phase, however, could cause troubles.

Adds will come in waves from both sides of the room - mix of Adherents and Fanatics. In the 10-player version of the raid, the waves will come from only one side at a time, switching sides. In the 25-player one, adds will come from both left and right side - one add will come from the entrance of the room as well. Kill them as quickly as possible and then go back to burning the boss' mana. Kite any Deformed Fanatics, and watch out for adds casting Dark Martyrdom - it means they will come back to life Reanimated in a few seconds. Spellcasters should stick with the Fanatics, and melee - with the Adherents. When all of the adds are dead, go back to the boss.

Phase 2 begins when Lady Deathwhisper's mana barrier has been drained. Try not to have any cultists alive when that happens. The boss will become active and a tank needs to pick her up quickly, as there is no threat reset. A second tank will need to be available to taunt the boss, since she will periodically debuff her current tank with a stacking threat generation reduction debuff. The two (or three) tanks taunt off each other every 3 stacks.

Players should be mindful of the Vengeful Shades that will spawn through phase 2 and will randomly chase people - get away from them! These shades are untargetable and will die after a few seconds (similar to the shades in Sethekk Halls). Melee DPS might want to set up an interrupt rotation, since Deathwhisper's Frostbolt can cause significant damage. She will continue using Death and Decay (and Dominate Mind in 25-player).

3.Gunship Battle


4.Deathbringer Saurfang




Video link 10 man
Video link 25 man

Festergut is a surprisingly straight-forward fight. Festergut will apply a stacking debuff on the tank that deals ~10k physical damage on application and increases the target's damage dealt by 10% per stack. The 2 tanks will have to switch every 9 stacks of Gastric Bloat, never reaching 10 stacks as doing so will result in an explosion that will wipe the raid. The tank who is no longer tanking should stop attacking for a little while and then go easy on threat, as they will deal 90% more damage for the duration of the buff. The tank may also consider switching out of their defensive stance as to prevent generating too much threat while not tanking (just be sure to switch back before it is your turn to taunt). Ranged DPS and Healers should be roughly 10 yards away from each other, to avoid multiple people being hit by Vile Gas.

A key mechanic of the fight is the Gaseous Blight that covers the floor of the room. Its basic function is to inflict damage-over-time to the entire raid - nothing too significant, but the damage adds up. Festergut will periodically Inhale Blight, taking up a third of the Blight in the room. This will reduce the damage it does, will improve the visibility of the floor, and increase the boss' damage and attack speed (and size) by 30%. Every fourth inhale, Festergut will cast Pungent Blight instead (there will be very no Blight left for him to inhale). Pungent Blight will do a tremendous amount of Shadow damage to everybody in the raid, and will return the Blight to its maximum concentration. The boss' damage buff will also be reset, and the cycle will repeat. So the damage will shift from raid to tanks, going back to raid every second minute.

The way to deal with the 50k+ Shadow damage from the Pungent Blight is through Gas Spores Festergut will cast on the raid. Gas Spores stay on the people they are cast on for 12 seconds, after which they explode, inflicting minor Shadow damage, but increasing the Shadow resistance of the players in range by 25% per application. Festergut will target 2 (25-player: 3) people for Gas Spores, and will cast them 3 times between Pungent Blights. Everybody should stack on at least one afflicted player, so they get the Shadow resistance from the explosion. You should have one spore in melee and another one (or two in 25-man) at range. It is recommended that you use two of your healers as marks that indicate where people should stack (marking a vanity pet with a symbol DBM doesn't use also helps). If executed properly, everybody should have 3 stacks of the resistance by the time Pungent Blight comes - which will reduce the overall damage to something not hard to heal.


Video link 10 man
Video link 25 man

Rotface is a fight similar to Grobbulus in some ways - ooze adds, dangerous ooze puddles on the ground, kiting of the boss - that kind of stuff. You will need at least 2 tanks for this - one for the boss, one for the adds.

The boss tank should start the fight engaging Rotface and keeping him in the center of the room. Melee, healers, and all casters should run in and stay right behind the boss, within his hitbox. Hunters should be at their minimum range and to the sides. The add tank should go somewhere to the outskirts of the room and wait for the adds to spawn. A paladin or a death knight may be better suited than warriors and druids because of the wider array of ranged attacks.

The first distinct feature of the fight are the ooze floods. There are four areas that might be flooded - south-west, south-east, north-west, and north-east. Floods will cover roughly 1/4 of the room, never reaching the middle of the room where everybody but the add tank is. The floods will go through cycles, each area being flooded exactly once per cycle. So if NW is the first flood, the second one will happen in either NE, SW, or SE. If it is then NE, then the third one will be either SW or SE. Let's say it's SE. This guarantees that the fourth one will be in the SW. After all four areas have been flooded once, the cycle will reset.

The next thing to watch out for is the Slime Spray. Rotface will target a random raid member and begin the 1.5 second cast of Slime Spray. After the cast is over, Rotface will channel the spray for 5 seconds, inflicting damage every second. Just run behind him or to his sides when you see him turning and casting this ability.

The third and last aspect of the fight are the oozes spawned through Mutated Infection. Every so often Rotface will target a random raider and debuff them with a dispellable Mutated Infection (this debuff is used more frequently as time goes by). The infection will last 12 seconds or until removed (it's a disease), and will spawn a Small Ooze. It doesn't do much damage, but is not tauntable and starts with huge lead in threat on the formerly infected target. This means that the Small Oozes will stay with the person who spawned them until they merge with another ooze. If there are no Big Oozes, have the newly infected person stay with the add tank until another Mutated Infection is cast, and another Small Ooze spawns. The two small oozes will merge and form a Big Ooze, which will follow normal threat rules (and is tauntable). The add tank should kite the Big Ooze in a circle around the room, avoiding the Sticky Ooze puddles the Big and Small Oozes shoot at him/her. Every time there is a Mutated Infection, the player with it should run between the tank and the Big Ooze, drop its Small Ooze there, wait for the Small Ooze to be absorbed, and only then return to the middle. Tanks, the Big Oozes are not tankable, their damage is too high. Kite them!

The first two Small Oozes that merge will form a Big Ooze. Every next Ooze that merges with the big one will add a stack to its Unstable Ooze. When that stack reaches 5 (after the 6th ooze has spawned), the Big Ooze will freeze in place and cast Unstable Ooze Explosion. As soon as the cast is over, everybody should scatter to avoid the flying ooze missiles. Don't forget to avoid the ooze floods, and make sure to stack back in the middle as soon as you can.


7.Blood Prince Council

Video link 10 man
Video link 25 man

The Blood Prince Council is a three-boss fight, where the 3 princes share a single health bar, similarly to the Twin Val'kyr and the Twin Emperors. A Darkfallen Orb will randomly empower a prince every so often, the prince will become empowered (one of his spells will become much stronger), and he will be the only one the raid can DPS - the other two will have 1 health, but will not die.

You will need at least two tanks, and one ranged DPS to play the third tank. The ranged tank will need to take care of Keleseth, while the two normal ones - of Valanir and Teldaram. Optionally in 25-man you can have your third tank just stay tank spec and play with Keleseth - higher health pool always helps when tanking. There will be no tank switching, so you can position the three princes where you want them in the beginning of the fight.

All three princes utilize different abilities, so the raid must adjust each time the Darkfallen Orb switches targets. Keleseth, tanked by the caster tank, will attack with Shadow Lance - a Shadow Bolt-like spell. He will also spawn Dark Nuclei around himself. The Nuclei follow normal threat rules, so it's important that your ranged tank grabs aggro on all of them, and keeps them nearby. They will cause the tank to suffer some damage every second, but will also reduce all shadow damage taken by 35%, possibly stacking. The second effect will significantly reduce the damage the caster takes from the Shadow Lances and Empowered Shadow Lances, while Keleseth is under the effect of Invocation of Blood. The Dark Nuclei will die on their own after some time, so it's also important that the caster tank doesn't damage them too much.

Prince Taldaram will require a normal tank. You can think of him as the fire-based prince of the encounter. He will use Glittering Sparks to everyone in a frontal cone, applying a DoT to everyone hit by the spell. The spell will probably target a random player, so spread out. The other spell he will use is Conjure Flame, similarly to the one he used in Ahn'Kahet. Taldaram will summon a flame sphere, that will fly to a random raid member. The longer the sphere flies, the less damage it will do on impact, so kite as much as you can. Note that any players near its path will also suffer some fire damage, so be careful where you can. When Empowered, this spell will only lower its damage when it hits other players, so you will need to kite in such a manner that other raiders can "tap" the sphere for a second or two, take some damage, and get away.

The last of the blood princes, Valanar, seems to be using mostly physical damage. His main attack is the Kinetic Bomb he summons in the air. DPS needs to keep attacking the bomb until it dies, so it stays in the air, because every time it falls to the ground, it explodes for ~10k damage before bouncing back up. His other spell, Shock Vortex, spawns a vortex near a random player. Everybody needs to move away from it or suffer damage and knockback. When Empowered, Shock Vortexes will spawn near all players, so everybody will need to move to a safe area, 13 yards away from where a vortex has spawned.

8.Blood-Queen Lana'thel

Video link 10 man
Video link 25 man

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PostSubject: Re: ICC RAID TACTICS!!!   Sat Apr 09, 2011 1:12 pm

Sita info naujokams tikrai pagelbetu tik nelabai ja turbut ziuri kas
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