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All info about raiding and loot is in Announcments blank.

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 Raid graphic

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PostSubject: Raid graphic   Wed Feb 02, 2011 8:29 am

Hello. So i promised to make it and now i am gonna show it to you.

Important to know:

1. No more random raiding. If you have id on our guild raid it means that you will get WARNING. Second WARNING will be kick from the guild.

2. No PvP on raids. It will cost you WARNING too.

3. Raid leaders should be : Teskuplesku, Modestas or any other classleader.. If someone will make raid before asking officer it will cost you WARNING too.

Monday:ToC10hc 19-20.00 (1-2 groups)
Tuesday: ToC25 19-20.00
Wednesday: PvP day or VoA10/25 19-20.00
Thursday:ToC25hc 19-20.00
Friday: Weeqly,ICC10 17.00(1-2 groups)
Saturday: ICC25 17.00
Sunday:ToC10,OS10,ONA10 19.00, or ICC25 continue.

Raids such a Ulduar , Naxx on free time in any time.

So as you can see instances like ICC will be on weekend. Easiest day will be sunday maby becouse to work,study or etc. before monday Smile

So if you have questions,found big mistakes, you dont agree with me please PM me in game.

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Raid graphic
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